Job Openings Listed Below 

Admin Assistant/Secretary -  Chicago, IL

Senior Architect -  Chicago, IL

Construction Developers - Chicago, IL

Engineering Construction Staff - Chicago, IL

Plant Manager for PreCast Plant - Chicago, IL

Retail Real Estate Director - Areas of Concentration: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

Senior Project Manager for Plastic Manufacturing Plant - Chicago, IL



Jerome's Development Corp. is seeking mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural engineers. This is a career opportunity. Our game plan is to build a national chain of stores for the Jerome’s concept, consisting of Jerome’s . The company offers a good salary, health insurance, stock options, and bonuses. The company believes that we are only as good as our team. If you are a team player and have the above, we are interested in you. We will relocate key individuals.

Location: Connersville, Indiana/Cincinnati, OH

The company is also interested in any job disciplines in the construction field, which can help us build these stores. If you have experience in the construction area, please submit an application.

The company also has internships for students from nearby colleges and universities. Students work 20 hours per week and gain practical experience, and after graduation many of them will have full-time employment. This program is modeled after the German program, which is highly successful.

Jerome's Development is interested in any individuals with food manufacturing experience or plastic packaging film manufacturing experience. We will relocate key individuals to Connersville, Indiana/Cincinnati Ohio.