Jane Grant, wife of Jerome Hoffman, founder of Jerome’s Stores, is one of the original investors in Jerome's retail concept and a major stock holder. It was decided by Jane and her husband, Jerome, that their assets become a foundation and be centered in Atlanta, Georgia.

The foundation assets are to be used for Medical Research at the following institutions. St. Joseph Hospital Atlanta and Piedmont Hospital Atlanta in conducting medical research for the cure of Dementia, Alzheimer and Pancreatic Cancer. If neither institution can carry out this research these funds then shall be donated to John Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland to carry out the above.

The roll out demographics of Jerome’s 2Fers stores is for every three supermarkets in the United States there is a place for one of Jerome’s stores. Therefore the foundation will be very well endowed for this research. Some fifty stores are now being planned/developed for Atlanta, plus Chicago, St. Louis, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Rochester, Cincinnati, Connersville IN, Richmond IN for national roll out.